An easy way to become involved in education is to be a part of the volunteers program. No special skills are needed, although volunteers are encouraged to share any talents or interests they have.

Volunteers cannot replace the teachers or administrators, but they can supervise students as they arrive and depart the school grounds and during recess. They can plan or accompany teachers and students on field trips, introduce students to their own special talents, tutor students with extra needs, decorate the classrooms, and organize fundraising events for special school needs. While they are helping the school, these volunteers can make great strides in helping our community and our students realize their potential.

Being involved in the public schools doesn't have to mean traveling to the school and working with students during the school day. There are plenty of things parents and community members can do to support schools. One important way is to make sure that you attend school athletic, cultural or academic events. Here are more examples of how you can support our PISD schools:

  • Collect and send in materials for a classroom project
  • Help make costumes, scenery or props
  • Join the PTA or Booster Club

If you would like to volunteer please complete the application that is attached. When you submit your application please bring a form of identification to Jessica Williamson in central office

** A volunteer application must be completed every year**