Plains ISD Travel Guidelines

All Professional Travel Expense Advancement Requests must be approved a minimum of one week in advance. Professional Travel Expense Advancement Request forms are approved by an employee’s supervisor. Once approved by the supervisor, funds can be requisitioned. When the PO is issued, registrations can be made using the PO, and the trip advance funds will be processed.

Upon return from travel, a Travel Settlement Form shall be completed within 5 working days and returned to the Business Office.

These forms are available online – district – business office – travel forms


School Vehicle: Must complete Transportation Request (after travel is approved by the supervisor) if District car available you will not be reimburse for mileage unless pre-approved.

Gas Card: Located in school vehicle.

Personal Car: Verify rates at (Must be approved by the supervisor - attach MapQuest directions) if District car is available you will not get mileage reimbursement unless approved.

Taxi/Rental: Only if air transportation is approved by the supervisor

Meal Criteria: -- same day travel
Breakfast- leave before 6:30 a.m. $9

Lunch- out of town during the noon hour $12

Dinner- arrive back in Plains after 6:30 p.m. $15

Check meal per diem rates M&IE at -- if staying for more than a day

Follow first and last day of travel guidelines on the GSA website

Hotel: Requires Tax Exemption Form

Registration Fee: Requires organization’s name & address.

All travel requests must be accompanied with appropriate receipts (with the exception of per diem rates).

Reimbursements must be approved by the supervisor prior to travel.

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Professional Travel Expense Advancement Request

Travel Settlement Form

Per diem rates and meals GSA

Student Travel Request and Student Per Diem List

For Board Member and Convention Per Diem Rates, please visit the following
U.S. General Services Administration website:

Board Member & Convention Per Diem Rates

Meal & Incidental Expenses Breakdown

Plains ISD Tax Exempt

Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate