Classroom Rules

by Denise Marion


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Mrs. Marion's Class Rules

* In order to guarantee all students are involved in a learning environment, supportive to the needs of the individual student, and to ensure each student the best opportunity to master all STAAR objectives, the following class rules will be enforced.

1. Each student is to be seated, working on the day’s Reading Practice WHEN the bell rings; otherwise, the student will be considered tardy.

2. Each student is required to bring to class, each and everyday, their three-ring binder, class novel, journal and any work scheduled to be turned in. If a student must go their locker for any reason, that student will be considered tardy.

3. Each student is required to behave in a manner which supports a continual learning environment for all students: i.e. no talking, no chewing gum, no disrespectful behavior, comments, or attitudes toward another student and/or toward any teacher or staff member.



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