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4e1efd8659f22 The traditional symbol of Plains ISD overlooks the future as the sun rises. photo by Robert Schumacher
Looking northwest across the highway towards the old Middle School (1947) during the first phase of demolition. Photo taken on 7/21/11
Looking southwest from the Auditorium towards the utility relocation project after much of the first phase of demolition work is done. Photo taken on 7/21/11
An excavator finishes up moving some debris after removing the porch area in front of the Middle School (1947). Photo taken on 7/21/11
Looking north towards the Middle School (1947) after the first phase of demolition has taken place. Photo taken on 7/21/11
Looking north towards the Resource Center (1976) without its familiar porch or landscaping. Photo taken on 7/21/11
Robles Construction Workers tear down the "old WPA" building (1941).
Utility Relocation work begins on June 30 on the south side of the current campus by workers from Deerwood Construction.
Deewood Construction trenches for irrigation lines that have to be rerouted to get water to the East practice field.

photo by Robert Schumacher

The traditional symbol of Plains ISD overlooks the future as the sun rises.

Continual Construction Update and Photos

Now that dirt is being turned and construction is underway for the projects from money approved in the 2010 Bond program, a great way to keep the community informed about the progress of everything is a continual blog and pictures of significant items as they occur. While you may not see daily entries, we hope to keep you updated on those items that really show what is going on around the site.

The Board of Trustees also wants to thank Yoakum County and the City of Plains for their assistance and willingness to work with the District in coordinating these projects. Their help has been invaluable. The District also hopes that the projects offer some side benefits to the community's economy through the contractor's hiring of some local employees and a boost to our local businesses who may see some sales growth due to the increased activity over the next two and a half years. The community's support has been tremendous in this undertaking and we hope that these projects, in some way, help revitalize a thriving rural town that deeply cares for the education of its students. Future generations thank you, as you have thanked the previous leaders of Plains.

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4e1efd8659f22A Birdseye view looking across the highway to the northwest showing the new campus.Rendering courtesy of Hunter-Corral Associates.

Rendering courtesy of Hunter-Corral Associates.

A Birdseye view looking across the highway to the northwest showing the new campus.

May 2011

27th     The Board awards the utility relocation project to Deerwood Construction.

June 20101

28th     Equipment starts showing up to begin trenching for the utility relocation on the South side of the current school buildings.

29th     The Board approves the Guaranteed Maximum Price and selects the subcontractors for the construction of the PK-12 Grade campus.

30th     Notice to Proceed on the building construction is given to Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Digging begins to move water, sewer, and gas lines.

July 2011

11th      Demolition crew from Robles Construction begins work on tearing down the "old WPA" building, which has been used for years as a supply warehouse and computer lab. The             oldest part - built in 1941 as a public works project by the National Youth Administration - was at one time the wood shop for the District.

18th      Demolition crew from Robles Construction begins to separate covered walkway in front of the Middle School/Resource Center (the walkway was built in 1976) away from the             building and tear it down. This space is needed in order to have enough space to build the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classrooms in the first phase of construction. 

26th      Dirt work begins as the crew from Presage Environmental prepare the foundation and footprint of the new building. Approximately 6,000 cubic yards of material will be brought             in.

August 2011

 8th       Boring crew begins work on creating six 10" diameter tunnels that run from the north side of the current High School under that building to the location of the power closet of the             new building. AMD Engineering begins the layout of the new Administrative section.

10th      Presage Environment finishes work on the building pad for section 1. By the time they are finished with the first 5 sections, they will have prepared 6,000 cubic yards of             material. Trenching for mechanical systems and grade beams begin.

29th      Concrete subcontractors show up and pour the grade beams (footings) for the first section. 300 yards of concrete are poured today.

September 2011

1st        New Radio tower is set in the ground. The crew digs a 26 foot hole that is about 4 feet in diameter and sets the four sections of the tower in less than 6 hours.

13/14th  Over 400 cubic yards of concrete are poured and finished for the slab of the administrative area.

27th      Grade beams for the new high school are poured. Again, over 400 cubic yards of concrete are used.

October 2011

3rd        The crane used to place structural items in the construction process shows up and gets set.

6th        The first structural steel beams are placed in the administrative area. Crews begin building a "mock up" wall to show what the exterior of the building will look like.

10-13th  The concrete subcontractors pour and finish the slab for the new high school.

17th       The first structural steel beams are put up at the high school. Everything stood up to the nasty "dust bowl" storm that kicked up with 60mph winds.

19th       The footings for the middle school are poured.

31st        The slab for the middle school is poured and finished.

November 2011

9th          The concrete grade beams are poured for the elementary school.

21st        The slab is poured for the elementary school.

22nd        The first structural steel goes up for the middle school.

December 2012

5th          Metal studs begin to shape the walls of the high school building.

10th        The giant Bennett Crane is moved from the NE side of the new school to the SW to begin placing steel for the new library and the Elementary campus.

12th        The concrete grade beams for the library are poured.

13th        The first burnished CMU blocks are laid by masons in the high school corridors and the slab is poured for the elementary gym.

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4e1efd8659f22The First Steel Beams are set into place in the new administrative area.
Contractors begin work to pour the concrete slab for Plains High School (usually start pouring at 5am)
The concrete pump and steel crane block the sunrise.
Before any concrete is poured, the underslab is prepared with plumbing and electrical runs, rebar, sprayed for termites, and a vapor barrier is put down.
Another shot of the new high school underslab work.
Finishing the concrete after the pour at the new high school
Closer to a finished concrete foundation for the new high school.
The First Steel Beams are set into place in the new administrative area.


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