Welch, Robin

Robin Welch
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Graduate of Texas Tech University
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
Minor in Secondary Education
24 years of teaching experience

Schedule for 2018-2019
Room 206

1st      Period                Algebra I

2nd        Period              A.V.I.D. II

3rd      Period                Algebra I

Cowboy Period        

4th      Period              A.V.I.D. II

5th      Period                Algebra I

6th      Period              A.V.I.D. IV

7th      Period     Planning Period

8th      Period                A.V.I.D. I

I am available to work with students before and after school.

(7:40am—8:00am and 3:45pm—4:30pm)

You can contact me at rwelch@plainsisd.net