Martinez, Stacey

Hello My Name Is...

Stacey Martinez

5th and 6th grade ELAR

Jr High Cheer Sponsor
Room 401

8:00 - 9:52   5th Grade ELAR
 9:56 - 10:44    6th Grade ELAR      
10:48 - 11:36   Conference
11:40 - 12:28   6th Grade ELAR
1:06 - 2:48   5th Grade ELAR
2:52 - 3:40 6th Grade RTI

Hi! I'm Stacey Martinez. I have the pleasure of serving our community as the teacher for 5th and 6th grade English, Language Arts, Reading (ELAR). I've lived in Plains for a few years now and am proud to call this amazing town my home. Our children are awesome! I am so excited to be serving our community by helping our children grow!
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