TTU Fall Fandango

TTU Fall Fandango
Posted on 11/14/2016

Twelve students and two advisors made the trip to Texas Tech on Sat., Nov. 12, to compete in the Fall Fandango. Due to their hard work and dedication, they came home with the Sweepstakes trophy, as well as the 1st place journalism team and 2nd place calculator team trophies. At this meet, competitors are awarded medals for the top 3 and ribbons through 10th place. Points are awarded to schools based on the top six scores. The school with the most points (based on the top six scores in every event) wins the Sweepstakes trophy. Scholarships are awarded to seniors who win calculator, math, and number sense. Bryce McWhirter earned a $2000 scholarship to Texas Tech for winning the calculator competition.


Following are individuals awards:


Journalism Team: 1st place


News Writing:

Hector Pando - 1st (15 points)

Kaetlin Taylor - 2nd (12 points)


Feature Writing:

Hector Pando - 1st (15 points)

Kaetlin Taylor - 3rd (10 points)


Editorial Writing:

Kennedy Earnest - 1st (15 points)

Jaicee Saxon - 2nd (12 points)

Hector Pando - 4th (8 points)


Headline Writing:

Kennedy Earnest - 1st (15 points)

Jaicee Saxon - 2nd (12 points)

Katie Saxon - 4th (8 points)


Ready Writing:

Kennedy Earnest - 2nd (12 points)


Calculator: 2nd place team

Bryce McWhirter - 1st senior, 1st overall: $2000 scholarship (15 points)

Brea McWhirter - 1st junior, 2nd overall (12 points)

Mayra Martinez - 6th junior

Brynne McWhirter - 9th freshman


Number Sense

Bryce McWhirter - 7th senior

Brea McWhirter - 2nd junior, 8th overall

Mayra Martinez - 3rd junior, 10th overall

Brynne McWhirter - 4th freshman



Bryce McWhirter - 5th senior

Brea McWhirter - 2nd junior

Mayra Martinez - 5th junior

Brynne McWhirter - 7th freshman


Social Studies:

Eli Chavez - 7th 



Brea McWhirter - 2nd junior; 9th overall

Brynne McWhirter - 7th freshman

Zoey Bearden - 10th freshman


Computer Science:

Brea McWhirter - 9th